Fund a scholar

Why fund a scholar?

1) It’s highly leveraged

Funding an exceptional undergraduate to do a one-year masters costs £50,000, including visa costs and a return air fare. £50,000 is not enough to directly effect social change, but it is enough to fund a world-class student to do moonshot research that could change society.

2) Zero overheads

100% of the money goes towards the student. That’s because the scholarship is managed by the Cambridge Trust, which has its own endowment, so none of the donation goes towards maintenance.

3) An experienced admissions team

The Cambridge Trust was founded in 1982, so has 4 decades of experience granting scholarships to the most exceptional candidates. And admissions are managed by Cambridge University, which was founded in 1209.

4) A world-class mentorship team

The Tigris Scholarship’s team of mentors is unparalleled when it comes to innovation in the physical world.

5) A personal relationship

The Tigris Scholarship is not a charity where your money is going to a anonymous recipient on the other side of the world, useful though they can be. All successful applicants will be invited to a dinner with the donors, and you can see how your donation changes their career trajectory.

6) A lifelong story

The donation might be one-off, but you can follow the student’s story for years.

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